LAUREN GILLIS is my exceptionally talented and gorgeous long-time friend. She’ll be releasing an album some time in 2011 and I had the privilege of taking her album photos and promotional shots this afternoon. We had a phenomenal time driving around the city to some favourite locations and I’m looking forward to showing you the rest of these images in a week or two. Please check out Lauren’s link here, and know that I shall certainly keep you updated on her upcoming release. Thank you, Lauren and Morgan, for such a wonderful day.


IMG_1361_2.jpg IMG_1405_2.jpg IMG_1410_4.jpg Untitled-2.jpg IMG_1690.jpg 


I have some very talented friends, and it seems I’m reminded of this statement nearly on a daily basis. Today I had the privilege of taking photographs for a friend’s future album, and it ocurred to me that I should mention some other dear companions of mine who also chose to feature one of my photos on their recent musical release. Boreal sons, made up of four gents from Calgary, released their debut in September, and, given their mature sound, it’s difficult to conceive that this is only their first album. I admire their art a great deal and am therefore honoured that they selected my image of Stockholm’s state library to represent their 2010 release.

Please give their album a listen and purchase it here. I promise you will not be disappointed.



EAT: sunday

I love Sunday brunch.
Especially when it’s like this:

IMG_1288 copy.jpg




My friends, I am excited to announce that my new site is complete. Please view it at the same familiar domain, I’d greatly appreciate your feedback, if you have a minute!

I launched my first website nearly three years ago to the day, and I cannot quite express just how fortunate I am to have had the level of support I’ve received as my business grows. Thank you SO very much. All of you.



Screen shot 2011-01-25 at 9.41.10 PM.png

EAT: a new mini project

I find myself really drawn to the simple aesthetic of food and drink photographs. (Coffee, mainly). Therefore, I’ve begun a little project of my own and hope to collect some images over this year. Seeing as I am an atrocious cook, most of the photographs won’t be items of my own creation, sadly. But I did rather like the look (and taste) of my sandwich this afternoon! A pear, avocado, cheese, and fig jam panini.

What’s your favourite sandwich or website with delicious food photographs?


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Two of my friends passed the following link on to me today, and I can hardly believe this story. An unbelievable artist has been discovered in Chicago, quite by accident, and her work is some of the best I’ve seen. Please watch all nine minutes of this video. I promise you will not be disappointed.

A simple google search reveals that John Maloof, the owner of Vivian’s photographs, has started a blog to document some of his findings. It includes the stunning photographs that I conclude this post with.

Here are a few, of many, new favourites of mine.


tumblr_ldhdt20iqs1qa5ebt_.png Opening_VivianMaier_.jpg maier_.jpg CHI-1306_.jpg CHI-1212_.jpg CHI-1176_.jpg CHI-1047_.jpg CHI-1033+copy+2_.jpg CHI-967_.jpg CHI-756_.jpg CHI-704_.jpg 59-1805_.jpg 59-567+post_.jpg 53-210_.jpg 28_.jpg a36_.jpg 21146-C201101-Vivian-Maier-06_.jpg 3468_.jpg 740_.jpg 436_.jpg 60-106_.jpg color3_.jpg



One of them has been to start, delete, and then restart this very same blog no less than three times.
But this time around is different. Really. I’m serious. Go ahead and laugh, but at least keep reading.

This upcoming summer will mark the fifth season of weddings that I have photographed. And, to be frank, I never expected to pursue this or even love what I do. While I greatly enjoyed taking photos as a kid on our many family vacations, during my first years of university, however, shooting weddings simply became a way to make some extra money. (If you were also working at Staples like I was, you would have likewise jumped at the chance to generate alternative income. I assure you). This past year, though, things genuinely shifted. Perhaps starting graduate studies in English has caused me to long for practicality. But, even more so, I think I simply realized how fortunate I really am. I get to work for myself, document monumental ocassions in a format I love, network with lovely individuals. My job allows me to use my creativity. I want to hold on to all of these gifts and continue working at photography, whole-heartedly, in the present and future.

The purpose of this blog is two-fold. First of all, I want to become a better business woman (something I have been lack-lustre at in the past), and this blog will obviously assist in showcasing my recent work. Secondly, I find inspiration around me all of the time, but often lack a platform from which to share those findings. Therefore, this will also be a personal page. I hope you can forgive me for mixing business with pleasure.

I begin my second semester on Monday. Of course that means I’ve begun to madly work on procrastinated projects. One of those is a new website. I have disliked my old interface for no less than two years now, so it’s high time for a change. (I’ve posted a small screenshot of the new site below). I should have it up and running in a few days and will certainly create a post to commemorate its beginning.

This week, just for fun, I’ll also create an entry with my top album choices of the year. (That’s some of the pleasure part I was mentioning).

Thanks to everyone for the continuous, and at times, overwhelmingly generous, feedback. It’s appreciated more than I could ever properly convey.

Determined and grateful,





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