PERSONAL: rome 2011

As some of you may know, I recently returned from a three week trip to Europe. The first section of my time was spent in Rome, and I’d like to share some (of many) favourite captures from that wonderful week. I had a phenomenal time as three friends and I wandered the streets of the Trastevere neighbourhood, ate gelato, and gawked at the city’s incredible history. Stay tuned for photos from my time in Finnland and Sweden, which will appear some time over the next few weeks. Additionally, I took about two dozen polaroid photos while I was in Rome, and those should also be making an appearance sooner rather than later. Thanks so much!


JILL + JON get married: first look

Back in May, I had the privilege of taking my dear friend Jill’s engagement photos. (View my complete post here: On Saturday, I had the honour of documenting Jill + Jon’s beginning of their life as wife and husband together. Here are a few previews until I can get at the rest. All best,


Upload from July 12, 2011

Upload from July 12, 2011

Upload from July 12, 2011

Upload from July 12, 2011

Upload from July 12, 2011

Upload from July 12, 2011

Upload from July 12, 2011

PORTFOLIO: site update

It was time for a bit of a site update, so I put some newer work up there this morning. Feel free to browse!
Thanks so much!


COMING SOON: n+a wedding

Of the photos I have taken in my career thus far, I have almost completed editing the session I am the most proud of. Naomi and Ammanuel’s fabulous wedding will be up on the blog next week some time, and I could not be more excited to share these images with you! Have a wonderful day,


JUNE PORTRAITS: family photos, first look

I had such a great time this afternoon getting to know Jackelyn and her three darlings!
Here are a few highlights from our session this afternoon.


 IMG_9897 copy.jpg

cameras copy.jpg

IMG_0021 copy.jpg

JUNE PORTRAITS: first look

Here’s a preview of the two portrait sessions I was involved with this week.
A great family session and some graduation photos for my friend Amanda.

I absolutely love Alberta in June. It’s so lush and green and hopeful.

More to come soon! Best,



PERSONAL: my parents' 25th

Last night, we celebrated my parents’ twenty-fifth anniversary with a small dinner party.
Here are a few photographs I snapped to commemorate the event. The first is of me, taken by my sister.

It was such a lovely evening. Congratulations, mom and dad. I love you.














JEN: documenting a swedish graduation

In my previous post, I mentioned that I had the opportunity to take graduation photos for a dear family friend of ours in Sweden: Jennifer. Scandinavia has got to have one of the most unique and memorable ways of celebrating this high school milestone, and it was so much fun to capture this event in its entirety on a Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks ago. To begin with, students gather in the morning for a graduation ceremony as a class, decked out in sailor hats and simple white dresses. In the meantime, family and friends of the student gather together in the parking lot, holding a giant sign with their name on it. When the graduates exit the school building, for the last time, they congregate around their loved ones and wait for other friends and family members to congratulate them - often with a single flower, which gets hung around the graduate’s neck on a ribbon. Afterwards, each class gets loaded into a giant, open-ended truck, decorated with balloons and the Swedish colours, and they drive around the city for a couple of hours, spraying champagne and enjoying an exhilerating dance party. Then it’s back to the graduate’s home for an open-house potluck of sorts, followed by a night out with friends. My family and I were able to witness and help out with the whole celebration and had such a fantastic time. In my opinion, the day’s proceedings are such an honouring and fun way to commemorate this achievement. Congratulations, Jen! We’re so proud of you.

Here is a book I created of the event for my friend, through Blurb, as a little graduating gift. You can preview it here. Make sure to view it in full-screen mode by clicking the bottom, right-hand icon. (Please note, that while I’m not actually selling this particular book, as the Blurb bookstore indicates, I am more than happy to create photo books such as this one for any of my clients. So, please make sure you inquire when you book with me, as this is always a possibility).

Screen shot 2011-06-23 at 11.14.53 AM.png

Enjoy this summer day,


SUMMER: update

I have been jet-setting for the past month, hence the lack of updates. I’ve done everything from camping with friends in the mountains, to traveling in Italy, Finland, and Sweden, to shooting a wedding in Kelowna. All in one giant stretch. I am finally home now for a couple of weeks, before I head off to do an exchange trip in Quebec for five weeks, so I thought I’d share a little bit about what I have been up to photography-wise. It’s been a hectic, but a great start to the summer.

To begin, here’s an image I took in Rome, a shot of my friend’s living room in Sweden, and a portrait of my dear sister.




As I visited some family friends in Finland and Sweden, I was also able to take some portraits for their two daughters who were graduating from high school, and here are a couple of previews from those sessions:

BLOG.jpg BLOG2.jpg

And, finally, I’ll leave you with a few images from the aforementioned wedding I shot in Kelowna. It was a beautiful day, and one of the most aesthetically pleasing weddings I’ve attended. I promise to have many more updates coming your way over the next month. Hope all of your summers are shaping up well, my friends.


IMG_9988.jpg IMG_1461.jpg IMG_1256.jpg IMG_1510.jpg

PERSONAL: traveling europe

Forgive the severe lack of updates lately! However, hopefully I can make it up to you in a couple of weeks. I have been in Europe for a couple of weeks already, and am so not ready to go home merely seven days from now. Here is a quick snapshot from Rome. Look for many more photos from my time in that city, as well as other lovely adventures all over Finland and Sweden. (Especially some delightful food photos. Mmmm). Content, 





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