site update + a personal post

Hi, friends!

Happy new year! I hope that all of you were able to celebrate the start of 2013 in a joyful way. I had a fantastic time on the eve of the 31st with friends in Calgary, and was able to spend some time skiing in Lake Louise a few days prior. What an incredibly beautiful experience it was. I’ll leave you with a few iPhone photographs of that time, as well as an important update regarding my site.

Unfortunately, my website and business email are currently down. I am so sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s a situation out of my control, at the moment. In short, I did request and pay to have my domain renewed a number of weeks ago, but the company I am with allowed it to expire, anyways. I apologize, and ask that you either message me with inquiries through my FB fan page, or send me an email via my personal account: I hope to have all of this straightened out as soon as possible.

Many thanks! Enjoy the upcoming weekend. All best,








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