BIG CHANGES: a new blog + two new sites

Hi, friends!

It’s been a whirlwind the past couple of months.

I moved back to Edmonton.

I finished up my year at School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa, and had a great exhibition and two portfolios to show from it. (You can view some of that work over at my newly reinvisioned home page:

And - speaking of different sites - I’ve created quite a few new pages for my work the past while, too. Including where I will be blogging from.

Here’s a little breakdown:

1. My personal work can now be viewed at the aforementioned
2. While my commercial portfolio (my weddings and portrait work) can be seen at
3. And, last but not least, my blog is now hosted at

I apologize for all of the changes, but these minimal platforms are much more on par with what I want aesthetically, and I am attempting to rebrand myself, a little. :) Thanks for your patience, and thanks for taking the time to view my work!

See you over on the new blog!
All the very best,


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